Data recovery

Data recovery: Hard Drive, Phone, Camera, CD, DVD, Pen-drive, SSD, MicroSD, RAID array, NAND and any other media in Bishkek

    There is no necessary anymore to send your media outside of Kyrgyzstan for data recovery. All data recovery cases now are under care of the high level professional (over 20 years of experience) – Stanislav Korb.

Did you occasionally delete your data? Some virus encrypted your files? Some partitions with valuable information were lost? When you try to read your files, your computer simply freezes? Your hard drive is not detected, knocking or making weird noises? – Just come to us, we will help you even if in other places you’ve got negative result.

We can recover the files from any hard drive, which were lost during: formatting, drive failure, occasional deleting or deleting by purpose, drive fall, electricity fault and even if your drive is not detecting by BIOS and does not look like its alive.   

Sometimes when you remove USB-drive or external hard disk without correct preparation it is possible that this drive will fault, it can cause the drive error what can do the data loss and can make your drive invisible in the system or your drive can even be detected with zero capacity. Do not worry, we can help you. Data recovery is our work.


Our specialists are able to perform the following tasks:


  • Headswap (HAD swapping),
  • Platters swap,
  • HDD PCB reparation,
  • System area modules recovery,
  • Data recovery for logical issues,
  • Data recovery for flash-cards, MicroSD and other NAND devices which are not detected,
  • Any other necessary procedures.


Why you should trust to our company?

  1. We have in our team the professionals with high degree.
  2. Difficult data recovery tasks are performed by the professional with over 20-years working experience practices within the most famous data recovery companies in Europe and America.
  3. We use excellent technical equipment. All cases we made using specialized tools; it makes us possible to do the jobs of any kind of difficulty fast and with no risk.
  4. We have system for quick delivery of parts.
  5. You can always ask us how is it going with your case, or ask specialist to explain you the ongoing status of your case, because you trust us the most valuable thing – your data.
  6. We are quite long time and successfully helping people. You can read reviews of our activity in the Internet-board 


Attention! The self-recovery attempts can cause sustained drive damage, sometimes it can cause permanent data loss. Thus never trust people with no experience or with no special equipment. One of the most important urges is: do not open the hermozone of your hard drive without special equipment (clean room etc.), it can cause very hard issues.

We also offer profitable partnership to anybody who is able to make data recoveries: computer aids, service centers, system administrators, mobile professionals, IT-specialists and so on. You will have a good share for every successful data recovery case, you could only have your ability to cooperate with us, all other stuff we will do our self. And the most important thing – your customers will be happy!

      CAUTION! You pay only when we recover your data and present your data to you.

* When we must perform any operations requires a donor-drive for parts, this donor-drive must be prepaid.

In any case of IT issue you can call us by phone +996 312 919-701, or +996 555 543-345. We are open Mon-Sat, 9-00 till 19-00; if you have urgent issue, do not hesitate to call us, because normally we are at work much longer that stated =).